Seminar by Omar Fergani

October 16, 2019

Speaker: Omar Fergani, Ph.D.
Title: How the digital twin will transform 3D printing from a prototyping technology to an industrial process?
Date: Wednesday-October 16, 2019
Time: 13:00-14:00
Place: Eng 208
Host: İsmail Lazoğlu

Additive manufacturing (AM) is revolutionizing the way we design and manufacturing products. It has opened the door for unlimited opportunities to increase product performance and to transform the manufacturing supply chain. Together with digitalization It is already transforming aerospace, medical and automotive industries. However, AM is facing challenges to scale up and become an industrial production technology due to a series of technology limitations, e.g. the low production yield, the limited automation and the cost of post processing, etc. In this talk, the importance of the digital twin of the manufacturing process will be explored, especially regarding predicting systematic and none systematic defects such as distortion or overheating and correcting them upfront. The underlaying concepts behind the “digital twin” will be discussed and illustrated via an industrial use case from SIEMENS AM factory.

Dr. Fergani lead the software research and technology roadmap at SIEMENS digital industries in Berlin. He is responsible of developing software technology to industrialize additive manufacturing. Dr. Fergani’s areas of research includes the physics and data-driven manufacturing processes modeling with emphasis on understanding the influence of the manufacturing process signature on the materials properties. Dr. Fergani was recognized as one of the Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers as well as a 30 under 30 future leaders of manufacturing by SME. He is holder of Ph.D. from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, double Master of Science from Georgia Institute of Technology and Koc University as well as a Bachelor of Science from INPL in France.