Summer Practice Guidelines

Compulsory Internship should be in line with the Internship Procedure of the College of Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Department-specific rules. The timeline and important dates of the compulsory internship are specified in the following.

Voluntary Internship can only be requested by filling out the online Summer Practice Info Form.

Important Dates for Summer’2022

Course Registration on KUSIS: 16.05.2022 – 05.09.2022
Deadline for the Student’s Evaluation Form: 17.10.2022
Deadline for report uploading*: 17.10.2022
Grading of the report**:  



* Summer Practice Report and Daily Report must be uploaded to the Blackboard course website under the correct assignments.
** Internship Coordinators for the semester are here.
***You may ask your questions via CE Track-it.

Timeline for the Compulsory Internship

  1. Find a company that suits the Specific Rules of your Program
  2. Ask the company to fill out the online Form for Incentive Fund (This form is valid for national companies only.)
  3. If the company requests a signed Compulsory Summer Practice Letter, please prepare the letter with your information and sent it to your program admin via CE Track-it. CE Track-it can be found on the right side of the top menu on this page.
  4. Fill out the online Summer Practice Info Form one week before the start of the internship, which is a sharp deadline. Statement of employment document will be sent to you one day before the start of your internship via e-mail by the KU HR department.
  5. Register to the designated Summer Practice course (MECH 291 or 391) from the KUSIS only within the registration deadlines (as specified above).
  6. Start the practice.
  7. Don’t forget to keep a Daily Report from the first day during the internship. Take your supervisor’s signature on every page and upload the report to the Blackboard course website.
  8. Don’t forget to complete the Intern Evaluation Form.
  9. After completing the summer practice,  write your Summer Practice Report as specified by your department.
  10. Once you completed your training and prepared your final report, upload your reports electronically to the Blackboard course website by following the procedure:
    You will need to submit two forms to Blackboard:
    Daily Report, approved by your company project supervisor, in pdf form, and MECH 291/391 Summer Practice Report, in pdf form.

Final Check Points

  • Make sure that you registered for the Summer Practice course (MECH 291 or 391) from the KUSIS.
  • Make sure that you have filled out the Intern Evaluation Form.
  • Make sure that you have submitted your Summer Practice Report and Daily Report to the Blackboard course website under the correct assignments.

Contact Points