Research Experience

With the ultimate intent of personal development and achieving technical depth in their respective areas of interest, we encourage our students to pursue their curiosity freely. Established for this purpose, our various programs bring together our students and our faculty in laboratories, both physically and online, to work on common projects. Think about the classroom instruction evolving into the production of ideas and their execution! Department of Mechanical Engineering provides the following venues for this purpose:

  1. Work-Study Program
    Within this program, our students take various research-related responsibilities while working in labs. This serves the purpose of introducing our students to hands-on work by collaborating with graduate students on common projects. Work-Study program ultimately leads our students to execute their own projects. Program details and application terms can be found here.
  2. Independent Study (MECH 390-MECH 490)
    In their third and fourth years, our students can take regular courses to carry out in-depth studies with a faculty member as the course instructor. The application form is to be retrieved from the Administrative Office and filled out together with the instructor. The content of the course and the grading policy are announced by the faculty member at the beginning of the semester and included in the course syllabus.